Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries// Theodore Roethke

Let's begin by drawing down the moon to breathe and love in in her milky light and be all silverfreckled-lunakissed by the end of the night. let's see what fortuna has for us but always play our own cards. let's wear flowers in our hair and dance in gauzy dresses when the sun comes up and write poetry to hold up our words like a shield to protect what's sacred. let's be pure and true to our feelings, however bright or dark they are for they are the brush and the paint we shall never run out of to create things of beauty. let them call us lunatic when we know it means we're enchanted. when they laugh, let's smile back for we have seen the world in our dreams and we know the spells to make them reality.
lets make magic and let's keep in our hearts:

Soft is harder than the hardest hard. Sweetness is stronger always. These are difficult realizations for any human being. But what it is to be strong and female means to be brazenly feminine, not merely to imitate or be counterpart to the masculine. No one is excluded from embracing these qualities. We demand that Love struggle against the will for power. Giving isn't sacrificing. One should be in a state of vulnerability at all times and that state should be evident.
The Vulnerability Manifesto / Belles of the Black Diamond Field


Marlena said...

That is so beautiful.

millie said...

lovely writing :) x

Mimi said...

this is really interesting. very thought-provoking!

<3, Mimi
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blue roses said...

my papa's waltz by roethke is one of my favorite poems, ever. it is familiarly melancholic!


Anonymous said...

what an endless blah of indifference

Alexandra said...

"let them call us lunatic when we know it means we're enchanted" <3


Rossana said...

Do you know what else would be enchanting? If you travelled to a third world country and recite your lovely manifesto to starving children and homeless people.

Rossana said...

It would be great if for once you write about those who are forced to be vulnerable.

Isabelle said...

rossanna, I don't really see how writing down thoughts about the vulnerability of the subject interferes with caring for others.
in fact, to me being vulnerable means being open and empathic to others-
being a good person starts with knowing yourself, and good people do good things.
it all starts here in this moment, on the continent I am now living on. you really have to travel to another continent to be good?

I'm tired of these neverending conversations about how broken the world is that lead to nothing, I'm more interested in finding the things that can be fixed and trying to fix them. if you're always waiting for that day when you will finally save the third world problems it is most likely you will never do anything.
so thank you, but for now I am doing things right here right now.

I bet being judgemental will help the third world a great deal, so go girl.

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Rossana said...


Thank you for answering. And no, I don’t need to travel to another continent in order to “be good”, no one needs to do that, of course you can “do good actions” no matter what your context is, however, I believe that some of your publications are packed with social disaffiliation, because they are made from a bourgeois perspective and that the advices you give are directed to a particular sector of society, and even though they may actually work for that sector, they are clearly useless for the majority.

I apologize if I offended you; by no means I meant to question your sensitivity, nor your concern for social issues. I should have mentioned that I live in a Latin American country and that from my point of view, some of the advices you give are not practical at all, but then, that it’s not your fault because you’re not obliged to be informed about what’s happening in this part of the world.

You may think I was rude in the previous comments, but honestly, who could possibly get to know themselves if they don’t have food, clothes or shelter? Consciousness is a social product, and it only appears after material needs have been satisfied. We just make different analyses because we come from different backgrounds, so don’t succumb to the temptation of generalizing experiences.

Anyway, I had no idea you have had this conversation before, but it was nice of you to answer.

Rossana said...

I used the “Third World” reference because it is a straightforward example to explain the point I made in the previous comment, that’s all.

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Birta said...

Very lovely!

AngeliqueDama said...

Charming!Love those roses<3