age of consent

threehundredtwentyfivethousandsixhundred minutes are coming to an end.
there was confetti, there were, songs, stars in our eyes and there sure was magic.
more than anything there was magic and more than anything I believe that there will be magic in each of the new days that will be given to us from tomorrow on.

and all of those blank paper days we'll fill with our words, our colours, our lipstick kisses and our songs.
our happiness, our love, our sadness.
be a wild child, be a believer in the moon, black cats and glitter and wear stars under your eyes.

tonight, light a sparkler, think of all the things you will create, all the dances you will dance, all the kisses, all the early mornings, the freckles, the starshine.
it's all waiting for you.


Natalie Suarez said...

cute! love it! happy new year! xx


maryse said...

de très jolies photos !

Eline said...

amazing post.
Wonderful photos and amazing writing..

Pola said...

"be a wild child, be a believer in the moon, black cats and glitter and wear stars under your eyes" - i have to remember it!

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indie by heart said...

Great post. :)
Have even happier year than last one. <3

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

happy new year lady! and get excited as i have no doubt 2012 is going to be an AMAZING one for you!
big love - bel xxx

blue roses said...

loved reading this and love love love the curation of images!


Luna said...

How cute! Loving that second photo. Happy new year xx


Victoria said...

Nice inspirations!

xx Victoria

subhasree halder said...

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shirin goel said...

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Benita † said...

Total tolle Bilder :)

Jo said...

2012 is definitely the year of the wild child, full of glitter and the moon and stars! Hooray!!

Friday's Kid said...

These photos are gorgeous! Someone please tie feathers to my fingers...? It was worth a try hehe.


PatiSiré said...

I love so much, I think those words are amazing!
I'´m spanish and I don't speak english very well but I hope you understand me :)
Visit me if you have a second, I writte in english too.

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Constance Murphy said...

Great pictures!


S. Neither said...

lovely post, my favourite is the last one, I'm in love with that quote..

See you soon^^

Sophie Neither


Jade said...

Love these pictures so much.

Eccentric Daydream

Gloria said...

Excellent blog,very interesting.


Boho-Chica said...

Beautiful inspiration.


lea sehrose said...


Louisa Council said...

i just thought id throw ya some props on your wonderful words..reads like poetry but full of thoughts like prose