dangerous angels

of all the books I've read, francesca lia block's will always have a special place on my shelf- literally: my room in paris is not filled with many things, my time here is spent rather minimalistic, but I brought at least four of her books with me like old friends that will whisper to me when I need my mind to be lit up with moonlight.
the books belong to those kinds of things that remind of magic and how words are such a powerful measure to transform the world, as good and as bad as it is, into rose-petal filled, lipstick stained, scarred, strawberry kissed, whimsical, naked dancing, imperfect, glittering, ethereal beauty, let it be gloomy or bright.
wildfox also noticed this and was inspired by block's Weetzie Bat Books (my favourites, if you nail me down) for a series of pictures.
weetzie, being the serie's shimmering main character, was captured beautifully here, a flighty pixie with moonlight hair, a love warrior, a wild child in antique dresses, tutus and feather headbands.
there is chai tea latte and some reading waiting for me so I'm sending you into a november night but really, I'd love for you all read these books and share your stories with me.


Sofie Olejnik said...
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amalie said...

goorgeous pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love these books as well. Not crazy about the editorial though - too hipster for my tastes.

Damsels said...

weetzie bat? i think ive seen some editorial based on the book . it makes me really interested in reading it .

Berta said...

LOve it! I really like her hair.

Lola Finn said...

Wow! Die Augenfarbe ist total schön!

Natalie said...

completely adore these pics!
-hope all is well!

Jo said...

This is so crazy....my boyfriend is literally organizing my books, and mere seconds before I clicked onto your blog his exact words were, "Hmmmm, Francesca Lia Block. Who's that?" Wild, right!?!
And yes, love love love Weetzie!!!!
And, this photo shoot really is perfect! :)

witch baby said...

aaaaa,da will ich dangerous angels gleich nochmal lesen.die machen mich so glücklich,echt.

Tori said...

awesome book recommendation! you picked out great photos from the collection too ;)


fashiondreamers said...

wow die fotos sind echt der hamma :O
xoxo Fashiondreamers

Wildthingsrunfast said...

*sigh* Chai tea latte + good read+ fall in Paris... sounds like bliss to me :)
Love the images, and I'll definitely read those books.

Sandra said...

I love you life philosophy and poetic thoughts... I so much share them with you!

Oh, and I'll take in consideration those books!
Reading your posts always inspire me tons.



Leticia said...

beautiful pictures, darling! they show such a happy cheerful vibe. if the books are these lovely, i have to get them asap. thanks for sharing. peace


Romwe Online said...

WOW,We have to say she is such an unbelievable genius,boldness,unique and novel ideas,my passion goes with her fantasy in each picture..the visual effects are so powerful !!!


Jessi said...

and ROMWE Online are recyling their own comments, as we have seen that one before:

Lücie said...

I love the books! But my imaginary Weetzie looks different.

Svenja said...

thank you for those great photos! :)


bambisfootprints said...

ok,ich werde eindeutig deine Leserin! komisch, dass ichs noch nicht bin. echt super blog,wahnsinnig schöne Bilder,auch von dir selbst,sehr hübsch :) Liebe Grüße, Liviya PS: Würd mich echt freuen wenn du mich auch mal wieder besuchst: www.bambisfootprints.blogspot.com