weekend y'all
i managed to get sick again so that so far i'm only hanging out on the couch
drinking as much coffee as i need to get up in the near future
house needs cleaning
plants need watering
tarot needs reading
noa is just happy to have me around and doesn't care much about my nosedripping state
we have this agreement:
he loves me unconditionally and i feed him


wearing a black turtleneck because art
drinking wine because life


sick& in bed with tea. for some reason i can't get north korea out of my mind
it all seems so surreal yet it's happening right now


q&a i guess?

honeys as i realize this place gets a little deserted every now and then i decided to give more credit to the people who come here and continue to share their feelings and thoughts with me - i really appreciate that & i don't think i express it enough
also i think it's just lovely to connect with like-minded souls from all over so i will try to answer your comments/ questions in a more elaborate way from time to time

zoe asked me about my current life situation so this is how the story goes

about 2 months ago i left the town where i was studying to start working full-time at a theatre.
as i'm typing this i am sitting on the couch having a cup of coffee in the attic apartment that i now inhabit with the cat, who is currently snoozing away on my bed. the tilted walls make it feel like a secret room or a treehouse and the best part is when it rains
change is important but it can get overwhelming too (insert that picture of stepping outside yr comfort zone) so the past weeks have been pretty intense although i trust my guts about being on the right path
i'm batteling the occasional anxiety with good reads -everyone needs to read sylvia plath's diaries imo and starting a diary again myself which is something that i haven't done since i was a teen- i have always been keeping notebooks nearby to write down passing thoughts & impressions i get but i feel like keeping a diary and taking more time to give a space to my thoughts in a stream of consciousness-style is a great way to be honest with myself and respecting my gaze on the world. simply writing away about emotional states that are sometimes hard to grasp has already made me understand myself much better. i have no desire to be a grown up in the social idea that i never quite get. i do strive for being the most honest version of myself which means being very present and vulnerable.
listening to myself is essential because although i get awfully quiet sometimes, i do have things to say and before anyone else, i should hear them.

do you like these kinds of posts?
i also have some ideas for other formats, those might be pretty random though, i'll show you when the time is ready
i also cut off most of my hair and don't know why i didn't do this before, i feel so liberated!

i'll weekend some more right now, have a lovely one yourself kittens