the sun blooms, it's a geranium
the heart has not stopped

in the mornings everything is the colour of dusty pink and slightly frosted (already? i ask)
it feels like i am just learning to live. again. maybe it's this being born again and again that hurts

knowing that the blooming petal will wither and i am doing the same every breathing moment
grow bloom wither die
these circles are not exclusive to the bodily world, i have felt myself dying and being reborn so many times now and it has been very real


you put the pill inside the petal
you put the petal in your mouth


everytime i shave my legs i go sorrysorrysorry

i love seeing girls embracing their body hair as they should
it's all about decision
love your fuzzies
or don't 
but know why you shave
& don't let the reason be wanting to please society/ cis boys/ x



will i ever stop doubting
will i ever stop wondering
will i ever stop wandering
will i ever find a home in myself


sick & in bed (on my 2nd week of work boohoo)  
what better day to sing a song about getting lost in the mountains

{ also i'm having problems with uploading to soundcloud so it would be super helpful if you could tell me real quick if you can even get to the track
thank u ♥ }