everytime i shave my legs i go sorrysorrysorry

i love seeing girls embracing their body hair as they should
it's all about decision
love your fuzzies
or don't 
but know why you shave
& don't let the reason be wanting to please society/ cis boys/ x



will i ever stop doubting
will i ever stop wondering
will i ever stop wandering
will i ever find a home in myself


sick & in bed (on my 2nd week of work boohoo)  
what better day to sing a song about getting lost in the mountains

{ also i'm having problems with uploading to soundcloud so it would be super helpful if you could tell me real quick if you can even get to the track
thank u ♥ }


francesca woodman
another girl that went away
she jumped of a window at 22
a thought is dawning on me
the ones who decide to leave are actually the ones the world needs most


i live in an attic now
the best part is when it rains
little droplets singing me to sleep
telling me

it's okay

it's okay

it's okay


1st selfie from the new apartment
still sceptical but sceptical with a plant yo