1st selfie from the new apartment
still sceptical but sceptical with a plant yo



my lovely internet friend (does anyone else have these?) Lia Marie just did a haunting cover of the bright eyes' Lime Tree & it reminded me of hazy sunday afternoons as a teenage girl spent lying on the bedroom floor, feeling pretty alienated from the world with conor oberst's voice that he wraps around the eternal sorrow as a fragile anchor in my head 
so i had a relapse
i don't know, having my heart broken by songs & words feels important to me



you asked, i deliver
i made a souncloud where i'll upload strange little songs & covers
just don't expect much of anything
i'm no pro at this i play songs to shy the ghosts away



recorded on a summer night 


made a mix of songs that go with the dark circles under my eyes
or milkshakes if that's what you prefer