this is me talking to myself

i think i take selfies mostly to see if i'm still here 

it's funny how sometimes in life you know exactly what's best for you / what you have to do but somehow you can't put it into practice 
this has caused my so much anxiety but now i think it's all okay
time is sorting things out for you
there is a difference between knowing sth & feeling it
like when you read a book and it doesn't speak to you and then you pick it up again years later and suddenly it's exactly what you need and every sentence becomes a mantra
maybe you weren't ready the first time around or maybe you just needed something else

theory is the first step and it takes some time for the knowing to sink in 
but it will happen eventually and then it will be as if it has always been a part of you and you will naturally act according to it

everything you have been/ are/ will be is always there 
give yourself the time to grow and bloom and whither

first it's a knowing, then it becomes a feeling & then it becomes you



hylas and the nymphs / john waterhouse

i guess some stories aren't meant to end well.



nothing scares me more than the thought of reincarnation
do you know what i mean